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Two identical 7 foot long "nose bridges" made for "Escape from Dogfish" scene in Guillermo del Toro's Academy award winning "Pinocchio" Stop-motion film.
Project called for fabricating two identical noses with a steel center core, and the ability to be disassembled into seven sections to allow for camera placement. 1/4' steel rod was fillet brazed to create an armature, cut into sections and reassembled with screw locking collets.
Pinewood exterior, epoxied and sculpted to match art direction.
End branches needed to be adjustable through bending, to facilitate movement effects in stop-motion filming. This was achieved through affixing aluminum wire to the wood, covering in sculptors foam, carving to shape, and painting to match the wooden main structure.

Pine Wood, Epoxy, 1/4" Steel Rod, Brass, Steel Locking collet, Aluminum wire, Sculptors foam, paint

7' L x Variable Width

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